Cup fresh ricotta, parmesan, chopped basil, pepper, tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella

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Sub City 4.0 star rating 80 reviews
Artiium A.'s Review Artiium A.
5.0 star rating

Good day, good people! Now I love me a 5 star restaurant like most of us, but I'm most comfortable with my simple hole in the wall joints like Sub City!!...

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Lindsay G.'s Review Lindsay G.
4.0 star rating

Good sub. Cute little spot. Great customer service. My only complaint is that there is no bathrooms for customers.

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Kathia L.'s Review Kathia L.
1.0 star rating

Arrived at 7:56 on Sunday to order two hot subs when I was greeting with a "we're only serving cold subs" as he's cleaning the grill. Everything was packed...

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19900 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33169
Tel: (305) 651-3133

Opening Hours:
Monday – Saturday: 8am – 10:30pm
Sunday: 9am – 9pm
Note: No hot subs after 8:30 PM on Sundays, grill is off